Blue Corn

Organic Non-GMO Blue Corn Tortillas

Solecito's Blue Corn Tortillas are made with organic, non-GMO masas harina corn flour. They have a slightly earthy taste and a light purple colour, while reaping all the benefits that blue corn contains. These tortillas are gluten-free and preservative free, perfect for tacos and homemade tortilla chips.


Organic Non-GMO Corn Tortillas

Made with organic, non-GMO corn flour, Solecito's White Corn Tortillas are gluten-free and preservative-free to bring you the taste of authentic Mexican corn tortillas. Perfect for tacos, enchiladas, tostadas or homemade chips!


Solecito Salsa Verde

Made with tomatillos and lots of fresh cilantro, this traditional Mexican-style salsa has a tangy and savoury taste that works great in enchiladas, eggs and more. Available in mild and medium.


Solecito Salsa Roja

A twist on the traditional tomato- based salsa, this red salsa has a hint of chipotle to balance the sweetness of Canadian tomatoes with a light smokiness. Available in mild and medium.


Have you tried our Chicken Enchiladas yet?

🐓 Made with local, free run chicken
🌽 Wrapped in our organic, non-GMO white corn tortillas
👨‍🍳 Topped with our handmade, artisan-style mole sauce, green or red salsa
⏲ Precooked, so all you need to do is heat & eat!


Mole Sauce

Flavourful and aromatic, Solecito’s Mole Sauce is a traditional Puebla-style mole that is excellent for tacos, enchiladas, on rice or served over cooked chicken or turkey.